We Can All Find A Kind Of Magic In Our Lives

After watching a magic show a few days I realized that the magic can be found not only on the stage, but also in everyday life, and we can find it thanks to a powerful tool we all possess: the human mind.
We Can All Find a Kind of Magic in Our Lives
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A few days ago I watched a live magic show in which two artists delighted me and the rest of the spectators with some beautifully crafted numbers that highlighted the undisputed and admirable skills they had acquired through long hours of hard work and endless practice. Their great performance took my mind away for a while from the daily issues and hardships I was concerned with at that time and transported me for that rather short time span to a fantastic and, of course, magical world in which everything seemed possible.

After the show was over I was back to the

real life and its seemingly never ending problems, but nevertheless I couldn’t stop feeling the desire to relive those moments in which I felt quite clearly that there is still room for some magic moments in my life, and  reaching that state of greatness again and again doesn’t necessarily imply attending, performing or taking part in a magic show. Since I don’t have, and nobody has in fact, a magic wand that would allow me to create that special atmosphere that would make me feel great whenever I wanted, it is obvious that I have to look for other means to help me achieve such  states of mind, but the big question is: How on Earth am I going to achieve that?

Well, after thinking about this matter for a while I am inclined to consider that there are certain factors whose accomplishment might help me discover the magic even in everyday life, and the first one that crosses my mind is the general attitude towards existence. If I try to suggest myself  that each and every sunrise brings about a new beginning and every  day has the potential to offer me new and exciting experiences, I will probably enjoy that day a lot more than I used to, even if it’s a dreaded Monday or another dark, rainy week day. 

If I try to interact more often with people I get in touch and especially if I make an extra effort to listen to  them more carefully I might discover new and interesting things about their personalities as

well, and my knowledge and capacity of understanding human nature will grow, and I will be able to exchange ideas and have interesting and useful conversation with those who don’t share my points of view. Thus I will become more tolerant and more capable of establishing connections with people whose cultural background, political or religious views, musical tastes and so on have very little in common with mine, and they will probably get to know me much better and understand me as well; to establish new contacts, to discover people so different from me and be able to understand and accept them and to be accepted by them as well, that would be a kind of magic as well!

Furthermore, there are other goals that come my mind whose accomplishment  could help me feel that life is truly magic: to get out more often and admire the wonders of nature while at the same time doing my best not to harm it; to try to learn new skills, such as a new language, by myself, not only for the purpose of earning more, but also simply for the sake of knowing more; to keep on dreaming and fighting in order to achieve my dreams despite all the hardships and obstacles that get in my way.

When I come to think about it, I realize that there are so many things that make me truly believe that there is magic in life, and we can all find it, and the precious tool, the magic wand that could help us find it and take advantage of it, is in fact the human mind!  As long as we put it to work and use it to explore ourselves and the surrounding world we can all be magicians. A whole realm of magic and wonders is still waiting for us to discover and enjoy it, and I am definitely going to explore it to the best of my possibilities!

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