A Show Of Water And Fire

In addition to its therapeutic properties, a mineral spring from a Romanian mountain resort can also entertain tourists with a fiery show.
A Show of Water and Fire
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Several days ago, while I was taking a stroll on the alleys of a famous Romanian mountain resort called Slanic Moldova and enjoying its lush green summer landscape, my attention was drawn to a fiery display taking place at a mineral spring called Sonda 2.

There were several people gathered around the spring, and they were all using their smartphones to immortalize a sight I have never noticed before, although I had crossed on many occasions next to that spring: the water seemed to be on fire! As soon as I got closer to the Sonda 2 spring to take a

few photos the fire ended, but a man standing nearby immediately drew a lighter out of its pocket, brought it close to the water and then lit it, and once again the water and the fire mixed in a stunning display of power offered by two of Earth's primordial elements to the amazement and joy of the watchers.

After watching the

free fiery water show for a while I moved on without tasting the water of the Sonda 2 spring. I suppose it isn't the most pleasant taste in the world, but people who to go to Slanic Moldova for health reasons drink it without hesitation because the pure alkaline, carbonated, hypo tonic water of the Sonda 2 spring is highly recommended to those who suffer from health issues related to kidneys, digestive system or liver.

Luckily, I don't have such problems yet, so whenever I go to Slanic Moldova  I prefer to drink the fresh, pure mountain water from another source nearby. Therefore, on my future visits to that beautiful resort, I am definitely going to stop in front of the Sonda 2 mineral spring for a while to admire the show of fire and water. If there is someone with a lighter near the spring, the free entertainment can begin!

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