Autumn- The Season Of Beauty And Melancholy

As the autumn progresses and the days get shorter, wetter and colder, the combination between the dark, misty, often gloomy atmosphere which is characteristic for this season and the exquisite beauty of its natural landscapes generates contrasting states in my mind and soul.
Autumn- the Season of Beauty and Melancholy
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I cannot deny it: whenever the sunny, often annoyingly hot, but also joyful summer days are over and the first signs of the fall appear I feel slightly uncomfortable as I have to come to terms with the fact that once again the sunshine will be replaced for the next half a year by rain, cold, darkness and eventually the unforgiving frost of the winter. Although I have to go through this transition every year, as I have done ever since I was born, and I know that it's the natural thing that happens in a country with a temperate

climate, I still can't avoid the feelings of sadness associated with this yearly passage from summer to fall.

The feeling of melancholy is almost inevitable during this period of the year and I'm convinced that a huge number of people who live in countries whose climate can be generally characterized as temperate are affected by it, and they have to make serious efforts  to fight these negative moods which can certainly lead to depression and other serious mental and physical health issues.

One of the ways in which I try to keep this state of sadness under control and prevent it from taking over my mind is to go beyond the dark, the cold and the rain associated with this season, and see the outstanding beauty of nature in the autumn. If the weather allows me to get out of town and make some short trips in the surrounding areas, and I have to admit that the first part of this

autumn has been unbelievably hot, with temperatures soaring way above the normal average for this time of the year(which is definitely not a good sign, but more than likely an indication of the fact that the effects of global warming are getting stronger and stronger in my country), I take full advantage of this unexpected opportunity during weekend days, but even if a walk in the park is enough to change my mood as I immerse myself, even for a short while, in the beauty of the autumn landscape.

The exquisite symphony of colors which gives the impression that the hills around my town are in fact giant paintings with an incredible variety of nuances and tones, the distinctive sound made by the carpet of fallen leaves as I step on the alleys of the park or the hilltops shrouded in mist after the rain create a remarkable variety of images and sounds that have a healing effect on my sound as the inevitable melancholy associated with fall mixes with wonder and admiration at the splendors I discover all around me. It is enough to open my eyes and see how lovely nature is even during a season I generally dislike to realize that all we need to do it is see beyond the appearances to discover the beauty of the autumn, just as we have to explore our souls and go beyond its surface to discover the true beauty which lies deep within ourselves!

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