A Sanctuary Of Flowers Can Have A Healing Effect On The Soul

There are people who visit botanical gardens daily without ever getting bored because every visit they make brings them inner peace and allows them to explore the wonderful world of plants more thoroughly.
A Sanctuary of Flowers Can Have a Healing Effect on the Soul
Source - by author, Sebastian Onciu

A couple of months ago I went on a visit to the Iasi Botanical Garden. I wanted to immerse myself in the symphony of color and beauty created by the various types of flowers that brings so much joy and peacefulness to the mind and to admire the unique species of plants and trees from all over the world which are present in abundance in such a lovely place.

It was a working day, so there weren't too many people visiting the garden at that moment. We had plenty of space to walk on the garden's alleys, admire that stunning diversity

of plants and, of course, take plenty of pictures to remind us of our incursion into the world of flowers. At a certain moment, we asked a lady, who was photographing the plants using a highly advanced professional camera, to take a couple of pictures of me and my family with my less advanced, but still reliable camera, and she was very kind to accept our request.

In the short time that we spent in her company, she told us that she went to the garden every day to enjoy the peacefulness of a sanctuary that allowed her to get away from the crowded streets of the city and to take photos of plants which she then posted on Facebook in the groups dedicated to photography  lovers of which she was a member. I was a little stunned

to see that she came to the same place and did the same thing every day, but soon I understood from her passionate words about her passion for photography that she was never bored of taking snapshots of plants.

After all, like I told her, there was such an astounding diversity of flowers and trees that a person fascinated by photography could always discover new elements, nuances, and details that could be immortalized in pictures. Every visit to the Botanical Garden was for her both a therapy for her soul and a journey of exploration and discovery. The garden, which covers quite a vast area, was her universe, she belonged there and it was, in fact, all that she needed to find her daily peace of mind.

The short conversation I had with that lady on a sunny spring afternoon at the Iasi Botanical Garden made me realize that there are people for whom such a lovely sanctuary of beauty and tranquility has a healing effect on their more or less troubled souls. They go there to find their balance and inner strength that help them cope with their problems and worries. If there were a botanical garden in my town, I would also go there as often as I could, and I would not get bored of such an outstanding place!

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