Lucid Dreaming- At The Border Between Fantasy And Reality

The state of being half awake and half asleep can take our brains to some weird realms in which reality and imagination are intertwined.
Lucid Dreaming- At The Border Between Fantasy and Reality
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 This morning I woke up at an unusually early hour, so after a few minutes, I decided to try to get more sleep. As I was lying in bed with my eyes closed, I was fully aware that I was still awake as I could hear the clock ticking in my room, but at the same time, I was somewhere else, at the edge of a dream.

 I was walking in the streets of a small town; after crossing by several houses and a church, I found myself on an unpaved lane leading to the foot of a hill, and as

I was heading towards the hill I could notice that I was taking part in some kind of festival because I could see people stopping by in front of some food stalls and there were also domestic animals bigger than usual, like some giant rabbits, running joyfully up and down the hill. It seemed to be quite an entertaining atmosphere, but all of a sudden it some white objects, something resembling hail, started falling from the sky and appeared to be coming for me. It was at that precise moment that I decided to put an end to my dream, as I opened my eyes and switched off my dream.

What I had experienced was obviously an episode of lucid dreaming; it wasn’t the first time it happened and it certainly won’t be the last, but I remember this one so clearly because it happened only a couple of hours before writing this article. There was one thing I really enjoyed in this weird adventure of the mind; it was the fact that, even if I had no control of what was happening in my dream, I could end it whenever I felt it was no longer fun. It wasn’t like a bad dream from which I

awoke all of a sudden; I had the power to choose when to stop it, and I did when I felt the danger within my dream.

Lucid dreaming is undoubtedly a fascinating experience. It would be great if humans could one day be able to use their brain power to control their dreams. Let’s imagine that we’ll be able to build our dreams from scratch, and allow ourselves to plunge into the world of lucid dreaming for a while as a means to relieve the stress of work.

 We would be able to construct our imaginary worlds, to be responsible for our actions just like in reality, we would have the power to save our dream and return to it later, and if we did something wrong we would have the option to go back to a certain point in time and change the course of our dreams. All of these possibilities are still of science fiction books and movies, but I think they could become real in the distant future when technologies will become so advanced that humans will use them to improve their mental state, among other benefits.

Of course, such highly advanced technologies could also have the opposite effects if they fell into the hands of evil people and tyrants might use them to control their subjects’ minds and turn their lucid dreaming into nightmares if they refused to obey their orders. The possibilities, either positive or negatives, will be endless once these technologies are invented, but until that happens we can still enjoy some instances of lucid dreaming which allow us to travel, even for a short while, at the realm between dream and reality!

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