Living By The Water And Its Effects On My Mood

After living close to a river for more than a decade close to a river it's time to ask myself: Does living by the water have a positive effect on my mental health?
Living by the water And Its Effects on My Mood
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A recent study made in New Zealand indicates that living in the proximity of a body of water can help relieve stress and greatly improve the general state of mind of people who are lucky enough to see the blue of the sea or the ocean whenever they look out of the window. The study  claims that the effects of living with a green space, such as a park, in sight are nowhere near as soothing as those of experiencing the daily view of the waves. However, there are people, including myself, who also live next to bodies of water

inside cities, where they can't enjoy the vastness of a sea and they have to settle for a river or a smaller lake, so after reading about the conclusion of the study I asked myself: Does living by the water, even if it's not a big one, make me happier?

Well, even if I live in a block of flats in the middle of my hometown and I'm still far away from achieving my dream of having a house somewhere in a more spectacular setting, I have to admit that the simple sight of the river flowing nearby has a relaxing effect on me. It isn't a big river, but it isn't a spring either, and one of my favorite ways of lowering the psychological stress or simply having a good time is to get out of my balcony and stare at it for several minutes, and it only takes a few steps out of the apartment building to reach the river and enjoy its sights and sounds even with more intensity.

From this point of view having a river so close to my habitation definitely represents a positive influence on my mood. The simple act of watching it flow may not help solve my existential problems, but the calmness it generates allows me to clear my mind of worries and negative thoughts for a while, and when you think with a clear head you may certainly take decisions that can improve your life. Then there are also the pleasant summer nights in which I can sleep with my windows open( except for a mosquito net, because these annoying  and harmful creatures are obviously more active near

a body of water) and the sound of the river flowing doesn't bother me because I'm used to it, on the contrary it helps me sleep better. I am quite sure that if I moved in other parts of the town I would miss the slightly hard, but far from deafening sound of the river, and I would also miss the view, which is much better than having more concrete buildings in my sight.

It is true that things can get a little scarier from time to time, when it rains heavily for several hours and the usually gentle river turns into a roaring, swollen monster, threatening to escape from its river bed and invade the town streets, but since I don't live on the ground floor I try not to worry too much when I see the water getting bigger, and so far I haven't seen the area flooded as it would probably have to rain on and on for several days for that unwanted event to happen, so the river can be a little source of stress once in a while, but still I wouldn't swap it with another area in my town.

As a conclusion living close to a rather small body of water doesn't necessarily make me happier, but it can improve my mood and it has a certain calming effect on me. I'm convinced that many people who live next to seas and oceans can easily feel the positive effects that the blue of the water has on their mental health, but that does not necessarily make them happy as reaching happiness implies a lot of emotional, social and even economical factors. However, from my experience I can say for sure that it doesn't take an ocean to help you achieve a positive mood, even living by a small river can make you feel better.


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  • priyac  26-06-2017
    I totally agree with you.You tend to take better decision with a calm mind.Great article
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  • goldstay  01-12-2016
    This is the reason why I choose to build a house with much natural scenic views (Like rivers and mountains) that can relieve my stress... Nice article... :)
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