An Exercise Of Imagination Based On World Countries Lists

A map of the world in which a country's population matches its are ranking takes the author on a imaginary journey to a remote land which would be his new home if such a fantasy turned into reality.
An Exercise of Imagination Based on World Countries Lists
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Several days ago I stumbled upon an original map of the world whose creator imagined what  it would be like if there was a perfect match between a country's population and its corresponding area. In other words, the country with the biggest world population, China, would move to the territory which belongs to Russia, while the Chinese territory would be occupied by Indonesian people and so on. According to the person who created this unusual map, only people from the USA, Yemen, Brazil and Thailand would be lucky enough not to move to other realms, the other countries would

have to swap places, which would probably be a beneficial move especially for people who live in countries with small areas and high population density.

Of course, such a huge global migration of people from one territory to another can only take place in fictional movies or novels, but nothing can stop me from imagining that it could actually take place, so if the population of my country, Romania, had to live in the territory indicated by that map, would it be an enjoyable and positive change or would it be a really bad move? In order to try to find answers to this dilemma, I had to locate my new destination on the map, and it took me a little while before  I found it in Africa: according to the map, Romania's population would have to relocate to Cameroon!

As soon as I managed to identify where my virtual future home might lie I had to look for some info based mainly on the geographical features of Cameroon to understand how big the impact of such a major change of environment would be and whether I could adapt to it with relative ease. At the first sight, a change of location from the temperate, four-season climate of an European country to a hot tropical land which lies in the heart of Africa sounds like a tough challenge, and adaptation to these geographical conditions which are drastically different to the ones I have been used to for my entire life sounds like a really difficult task, but upon further inspection I realized that things might not be as hard as i thought initially.

The fact that Cameroon is also called an "Africa in miniature" due to the fact that all the major climates and vegetation zones of this huge continent can be found within its territory can certainly make my adaptation process easier. Just like in Romania, there are high plateaus and even mountains in Cameroon where temperatures are close to the ones I'm used to, and if I were given the chance  to choose my location, I would certainly prefer the highlands to the ocean coastland, the desert or the rain forest, but the

good thing is that there are plenty of climates to choose from and people who like hot weather would definitely enjoy living in such an environment. They would no longer have to worry about the long winter months and the huge heating and electricity bills they have to deal with in their native land. There are definitely other things they would have to worry about, especially tropical diseases like malaria or Dengue fever. That would probably my main concern as well, but if I chose to live in the highlands I am quite sure the risk of getting such nasty illnesses would be significantly lower.  

Anyway, if this exercise in fantasy were to become real one day I think I would be able to get used to my new home with relative ease. I would definitely miss the extraordinary landscapes and natural variety of my country, not to mention its many cultural and historical treasures which make it such an unique place not only in Europe but in the whole world,  but in terms of wildlife and natural beauty there are plenty of exciting things to do and sights to admire in that beautiful African country as well. However, I'm also quite sure that after a while I would miss my native country so much that I would not be able to settle in Cameroon forever and I will eventually return to my home land , which would be occupied by people from Haiti, according to the map which started this game of imagination, and in such a case I would be a foreigner in my home land and I would have to adjust to the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Haiti! Wouldn't that be exciting and challenging as well?

As a conclusion, if the population rank of each country in the world were to match its surface rank,and entire people had to be relocated to make this New World Order real, we would live in a much different world in which some people might be able to adjust to their new lands, but a lot more would probably find it very hard with such drastic changes, therefore it's better to keep things as they are now, and hope that the technology will advance to such an extent that one day people from overcrowded areas will have the opportunity to relocate themselves not to another, but to another planet such as Mars. We will probably not live to see such a miracle happen, but the future generations will!


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